Sunset Over The Tyrrhenian Sea in Lipari, Italy

Bryn Hafemeister Photography-3.jpg

Photo Credit: Bryn Hafemeister

Ibn Battuta said of traveling “It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”  What do you think of travel? After getting over being speechless, what story would you tell about this photo?

This photo leaves me speechless every time that I look at it.  Then my mind wanders to another time and another place where things are much simpler.  Where life is easier and life revolves around the sea and the land.

Lipari is a small island off the northern coast of Sicily, and has an ancient history that harks back to the Mycenaean Civilization, and was later a site that Home brought Odysseus to.  This photo was taken not far from the mythological site of the singing sirens from the Odyssey, who dangerously enchanted sailors with their music and voices.

Today in Lipari, the sirens are no longer a danger.  The natural beauty invites and welcomes. And the sun hugs you as it lights up the sky.